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YDYM Restricted Entry Series Spring Screws Self-locking Spring Screws Self-locating Spring Screws Restricted Entry Spring Screws

Name: restricted access series spring screws; self-locking spring screws; self-locating spring screws; restricted access spring screws
Specification: M3-M8
Material: stainless steel/carbon steel/aluminum
Product description: To reduce the risk of private entry, you must use a tool to open it. There are three types of riveting.

Yaoda Hardware produces various captive screws/spring screws according to riveting methods:

Expanding riveting type captive screw model: PF09 PF10 PF15 PF25 PF41 PF42;

Pressure riveting captive screw model: PF11 PF12 PF31 PF32 PF21 PF22 PF50 PF51 PFC2 PFS2;

The captive screws are divided into spring methods:

Spring leakage model: PF31 PF32 PF50 PFC2 PFS2;

Built-in spring model: PF15 PF25 PF09 PF10 PF11 PF12 PF21 PF22

Material is divided into: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum

The loose and non-detachable fixing methods are: pressure riveting type, expanding riveting type, floating type, and snap-in type.

Spring screw components:

1. The screw part (the other end of the thin plate of the chassis is fastened against it, the head has a cross, plus and minus grooves, quincunx grooves or flat grooves to facilitate tool tightening) non-standard Shenzhen Yaoda Precision Hardware can be customized.

2. Knob (usually straighten the pattern, easy to twist by hand, the material is usually aluminum, sometimes it is necessary to customize the color of aluminum oxide black / oxide red according to needs)

3. Pressing (expanding) the riveting sleeve, (riveting on the panel and relying on it)

4. Spring (to facilitate the extension and retraction of the screw and keep the whole part from falling out)

After the production of each component is completed, it is assembled into a whole and the hand-twisted part is pressed to make it and the pressure riveting part inlaid together through the spring to form a complete spring screw.

Product Description:

Non-loosable screws are also called non-loosable, spring screws, and non-loosable screws. It is pressure riveting or expansion riveting on the mounting plate, and the position of the plate and the plate is fastened by screws. The integral part can be firmly embedded on the panel without detaching from the panel, so it is also said that the screw does not come out. The outer circle of the hand-tightening sleeve is generally pressed with straight teeth to facilitate hand-tightening or hand-tightening, so it is also called hand-tightening screw or hand-tightening screw, which is easy to operate.

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