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Stainless steel hexagonal pressure riveting screws NFHS-M3/M4M5M6M8-L long pressure riveting screws Hexagonal rivets stainless steel screws

Product name: Hexagon head pressure riveting screws

Alias: pressure riveting screw

Manufacturer: Yaoda Precision Hardware

Specification: NFHS-M3-6

Material: carbon steel

Surface treatment: clean natural color/passivation
This product is suitable for other materials: iron, stainless steel, SUS416, aluminum

This product is suitable for other specifications: M2.5~M10/2#-56~5/16-18 can be customized non-standard

This product is suitable for other surface treatments: nickel plating, blue zinc, white zinc, color zinc, black zinc, cleaning or passivation of natural colors, etc.

Attributes of this series of products and scope of application: The products are customized according to the requirements of standard fasteners, and the threads meet the accuracy requirements of the pass-stop gauge. This screw is inserted into the round hole and is riveted by stamping, so that its head can be tightly riveted in the thin plate. It is suitable for sheet metal industry, cabinets, plastic hardware, communication equipment and other industries.
Pressure riveting screw is a kind of special screw that can be installed quickly and reliably and can be realized by simple pressure riveting. It is suitable for steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy plates, etc., completely eliminates waste, and its use value advantage exceeds the traditional welding method to a certain extent, and has the following advantages:

1. Convenient assembly, just simple pressure riveting;

2. High torque resistance;

3. The surface processing is non-hazardous and suitable for coating materials;

4. Serialization of specifications can meet a variety of design requirements;

Hexagonal pressure riveting screws are different from round heads. The six opposite sides of the hexagonal pressure riveting screws are completely stuck in the sheet metal to prevent sliding. The production mode is to directly turn the hexagonal bar. Its production cost and installation The difficulty is higher than that of round head pressure riveting screws. At present, there are fewer and fewer users of hexagonal rivets, and now they all use cold-headed round head pressure riveting screws.

Pressure riveting screws are divided into 5 types:

Round head pressure riveting screws FH FHS FHA FH4 TFH TFHS, hexagonal pressure riveting screws NF HNF HS extrusion screws KFE thick head pressure riveting screws HF HHF HSH FHB5, countersunk head pressure riveting screws CHA CHC CFHA CFHC. When using pressure riveting screws, users need to determine the type of pressure riveting screws for effective application according to their own workpieces.
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