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All stainless steel can not take off M2M2.5M3M4M5M6 spring screw 304 can not take off spring screw manufacturer

It is suitable for the application environment close to the edge of the mounting plate.
Do not require too much installation force.
Suitable for mounting plates of all hardness.
After installation, the back of the mounting plate remains flush.

Captive screw profile known as captive, spring screws, captive screws. It is the pressure riveting and the expansion riveting on the mounting plate, and the position of the plate and the plate is fastened by screws.
Insert the screw assembly into the mounting hole on the door panel, place the workpiece under the press, align the tool with the center of the screw thread and expand the riveting sleeve into the countersink hole of the door panel, thread specifications: #4 to 1/4" and M3 To M6.

The composition of the captive screw is divided into several components:
1. Screw part (the other end of the thin plate of the chassis is fastened by it, the general material is carbon steel and stainless steel, and the head has a cross or a slot to facilitate tool tightening)
2. Hand-twisted sleeve (usually straighten the pattern, the material is usually aluminum, sometimes it needs to be blackened according to the need)
3. Pressure riveting sleeve (rivet on the panel and rely on it)
4. Spring (to facilitate the extension and retraction of the screw and keep the whole part from falling out)
After the production of each component is completed, assemble it into one body and squeeze the hand-twisted part to make it and the pressure riveting part are inlaid together through the spring to form a complete spring panel screw.
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