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A, talent concept: people-oriented, give full scope to the talents; talents after first, benefit. To provide unlimited stage, to create space for development;
Two, employing principles: capable, Yongzhe, light let. By setting the position, because hillock person, appropriate personnel;
Three, competition principle. "Four is not divided into": regardless of age, regardless of the depth of qualifications, regardless of staff identity, regardless of the length of service. "Three": competition for information disclosure, competition process open, fair competition results. "Three": mission objectives of strong, strong action capability, strong performance results. A "hardware": see the working performance.
Four, work requirements. Code of conduct: general, clean. Work attitude: creative thinking, creative learning, creative work. Assessment standard: to performance on hero. Requirements of managers: advocate new ideas, which saw the new things, new performance creator.
Five systems: Labor Relations contract, management of personnel employment system, the dynamic management of the normal system. Three: employees can post up and down, and the distribution Nengduonengshao.

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